ELi Teen Readers Pack (New edition) 1: Oliver Twist (with ELi Link APP)

料號(EAN): 9788853631824
ISBN: 9788853631824
出 版 社: ELI Publishing
適用程度: Elementary/Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate/Beginner
適用對象: 國小/補習班
出版日期: 2021/3/30
商品配件: Readers with CD/Multi_ROM
系列名稱: ELi Readers
級 別: Teen 1
頁 數: 79
長 寬 高: 210x148x0mm
語 系: 英語
裝 訂: 平裝

Oliver Twist is a poor orphan boy. He hasn’t got a mum or dad and he lives in a terrible place called the Workhouse. One day, he makes the master of the Workhouse very angry and his life changes forever... What will happen next to Oliver? Where will he go? Will he find a nice family to live with or will Fagin and his gang of thieves make Oliver stay with them? Read this exciting tale of life in 19th century England and find out!

Oliver Twist是個可憐的孤兒,他沒有父母並且住在一個可怕的地方─the workhouse,有天,他惹怒了 the workhouse的主人,而他的人生就此改變,Oliver接下來會發生甚麼事呢?他將會去哪裡呢?他將會找到一個好家庭並和他們生活,還是Oliver會為Fagin和他的竊盜兄弟們留下呢?讓我們來一起讀這個在19世紀英國令人振奮的故事,看看接下來會發生甚麼事吧!

▌Eli Readers (英式發音)是專為當地母語非英語的學習者所設計的英語分級讀物,透過精心繪製的插畫,捕捉每個故事的精髓,讓讀者從英語閱讀中體驗迥然不同的學習樂趣!

▌全套依建議的閱讀年齡共分成First、 YoungTeenYoung Adult 三個層級。Teen 及 Young Adult 系列適合國小高年級或國中、高中以上學生閱讀。



▌ELi Graded Readers官方網站提供部分讀本的解答、音檔等資源。 ELi Graded Readers>>> https://www.eligradedreaders.com/en/

------------------ ELi First Reader-----------------

• 本系列針對幼兒園學童程度, 提供充滿想像力的原創故事 以及適齡改寫的經典故事。 以平易淺顯的語言,搭配精 美插畫,引發小小讀者的高 度學習動機。 

• 讀本音檔可於 ELi Link App 下載聆聽,或至 ELi Readers 官方網站下載。

------------------ ELi Young Reader-----------------

• 共四個級別(Below A1、 A1、 A1.1、 A2),無分章節,但考量字數篇幅,建議國小三年級以上學童閱讀。

• 提供大量的原創及經典兒童故事,讀後透過遊戲做詞彙、句型等練習。封底內頁附簡易圖畫字典及該書主題書籤(Fairy Tales 系列除外)。

• 新增Fairy Tales 系列,提供經典童話、伊索寓言等故事,著重深入文本的閱讀,讀本中穿插歌曲,讀後有延伸手作活動、故事劇本、練習活動及Multi-ROM 互動光碟。

• Young 系列部份讀本及Fairy Tales 系列僅提供Multi-ROM 合訂版,光碟內容包含故事動畫、故事完整音檔、故事頁面練習活動,可使用MP3 CDPlayer 播放音檔。

級數 字彙 CEF等級
Stage 1 100 headwords Below A1
Stage 2 200 headwords A1
Stage 3 300 headwords A1.1
Stage 4 400 headwords A2


----------------- ELi Teen & Young Adult Readers -----------------

• Teen 分章節,為A1、 A2、 B1 三個級別,收錄世界文學名著改編故事、原創和非文學故事,透過書末的作者及故事背景介紹活動,帶領讀者了解作者創作的時空背景。
• Young Adult 共分為A1、 A2、 B1、 B2、C1、 C2 六個級別,提供世界經典、原創、非文學等題材讀本。故事情節較複雜,建議國、高中以上學生閱讀。
• CD 版光碟內容為故事精華,非完整故事音檔。完整音檔請至elilink APP聆聽。

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▌The ELi New Readers present themselves as narrative texts of great literary prominence with a strong identity,whether they are classics,adapted or whole,or originals.

▌The different sections which complement the text (notes about the author,analyses, activities…) aim to enrich reading and facilitate understanding and language learning,without diminishing the pleasure of reading.

▌The readers are divided into three series Young ELI Readers,Teen ELI Readers and Young Adult ELI Readers,according to the age of the readers and their language level,are in line with the indications set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language and comprise useful language certification exercises.

• Five pages of exercises for revision at the end of each book
• An illustrated dictionary, placed on the inside of the cover, keeps the vocabulary the student needs within sight at all times
• Fun cut out bookmarks personalize each book
• The illustrations in each book have been carried out by the most interesting of illustrators,with the conviction that visual‘comments’in the text aid the comprehension of a foreign language text.
• The ELI Readers compel the reader to fall in love with both the stories andillustrations.
• They are elegant books made up of fine details which surprise the reader:from the type of paper to the font chosen.
• This particularly clear and captivating design was created to guide the readers in the comprehension of the text and the execution of the activities.

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