Oxford Discover 2/e (第二版)

出 版 社: Oxford University Press
語 系: 英語


呼應新課綱 打造21世紀英語素養課程

▌以探究式教學法(Inquiry-Based Approach)為編寫核心,全套共六冊,每冊18 個單元。每兩個單元以一個Big Question 為主題,透過問題探索,引發學習動機,並以Summative Project 做總結,培養獨立自主學習者。

▌課程設計符合21 世紀「4C 關鍵能力」、「跨領域」、「素養導向」與「議題融入課程」等教學



▌高效字彙學習:以「word families」為教學策略,有效加深單字理解與學習成效。




• 第一冊前6單元輕量化設計,入門更容易,銜接更順暢!
• 全新設計「Oxford Discover App」,提供更多課外學習樂趣。
• 全新「Classroom Presentation Tool」教學輔助,線上線下皆可使用。
• 作業本新增「Big Question Panels」,落實探究式英語學習。
• 新增「Teacher Resource Center」:
→「Assessments」: 全新二大評量系統 (英語能力 + 21世紀關鍵能力),提升學習成效。
→「Worksheets」: 全新閱讀學習單,聚焦閱讀技巧和閱讀活動;全新字彙與文法學習單,加深加廣英語實戰力。
→「Audio & Video」: 全新教師教學技巧影音,增強備課品質與效率。

↘ 閱讀文章的黃標單字為Get Ready的重點單字

↘ 教師資源包含多樣的Gr aphic Organizer訓練閱讀理解與邏輯思考力。

Teacher's Pack
Teacher's Resource Center
Assessments 單元/ 複習/ 期末/ 升級測驗、聽說讀寫能力測驗
Worksheets 單字/ 文法/ 閱讀/Value 學習單
Phonics Phonics 學習單及教學指引
Teaching Notes
學生課本/Grammar Book/Writing & Spelling Book 教學指引及解答
Audio & Video
學生課本/Grammar Book/Phonics/ 考題音檔、教師專業發展影片
Big Question Chart、 Graphic Organizers、教案、單字表
Parent Resources 家長指南、給家長的一封信
Teacher's Guide
Lesson Plans 教學目標總覽、教學指引、作業本解答、錄音稿
Classroom Presentation Tool
eBook &
互動遊戲、音檔、Big Question 影片、文法動畫影片、Review 故事動畫
* 內含教師手冊,隨書附兩組密碼卡(Teacher's Resource Center、Classroom Presentation Tool)。
* 以上資源需以Teacher's Pack 內的密碼卡登入下載。

Teacher’s Resource Center/線上練習

Classroom Presentation Tool

21st Century Skills


App 註冊入口


The 2nd edition of Oxford Discover builds on its tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future success at primary school and beyond.

Inquiry-based learning encourages student involvement, promotes collaboration and teamwork, and pushes student to think creatively. Students employ the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing as they identify questions about the world around them, gather information, and find answers.
Oxford Discover supports an inquiry-based approach to learning English. Each pair of units in Oxford Discover revolves around a thought-provoking 'Big Question'. A controlled vocabulary and grammar syllabus gives students the language support they need to explore and discuss each topic.
21st Century Skills are an integral part of the Oxford Discover course. In an age of rapid change and advances in communication and technology it is important that today’s young students continue to develop strong skills in the four main areas:
Critical thinking
Oxford Discover encourages students to think deeply and assess information comprehensively. Students are invited to be curious and to think beyond their normal perspectives.
Oxford Discover offers students plentiful opportunities to become effective listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. Every unit has two pages devoted comprehensively to communication, but these skills are also utilized in general tasks and exercises.
Oxford Discover offers opportunities for collaboration in every lesson, with students working together in pairs, small groups, or as an entire class.
Oxford Discover encourages creativity throughout each unit by allowing students the freedom to offer ideas and express themselves without judgment.
Tapered content in the first six units of Level 1 ensures a smooth progression between Kindergarten and Primary, making learning more manageable, and equipping every student with the confidence they need to succeed.
In addition, today’s young students must develop life and career skills, information, media, and technology skills, as well as an appreciation and concern for the health of our planet and cross-cultural understanding. Oxford Discover strives to help students build on these essential skills in order to succeed in the 21st century.


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